What's a Witch to do?

~ Feast on dinner . . . indulge in brews, wine or spirits

~ Shop for potions, trinkets, baubles and other witchy wonders 

   at the Witches' Bazaar

~ Ride your broomstick over to hear eerie Ghost Stories

~ Frolic with the Music & Dance the Monster Mash with your friends

~ Amaze yourself at the Witch Dance (What is that you say? Come to learn the latest steps!)

~ Huddle around the bonfire and catch up with the latest Witchy chatter and gossip! Stay around for some spooky ghost stories!

~ Weave a magic spell to pick the $100 bottle of wine at the Wine Grab

Engage in the pursuit of the Witch Hunt

~ Find your impending future at the Psychic Readings

~ Take a chance on the Bewitching Baskets

~ Proudly don your best Witch Costume and win a chance for a prize

~ Howl at the moon at the Photo Booth

~ Get an amazing design at the Henna Painting station

Witchy Magical

    Powers & Activities

Witchy Magical Powers Activities


Witchy Magical Event - WNO

These will be Fun-Filled Times!